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Tim O’Connor is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, and a very charismatic performer. On stage he creates a warm and dynamic atmosphere and has a lot of presence. He truly lives his songs which are “full of emotion, poetry, observation, and wit”.

He has performed all over the world and has played with some very fine musicians.
He stems from Irish Roots but grew up musically in the melting pot of Manchester. His father played ukulele  and entertained the troops during the war. He draws on many influences icluding The Beatles,Dylan and Neil Young but has truly found his own style. He has been very involved with acoustic /folk-Irish music and roots music in general but has truly found his own voice. Tim has Supported Richard Thompson, Martin Stephenson, Moriarty, 

Tim started as a singer song writer on the Manchester music scene meeting great musicians like George Barowski,Mark Greer  and John (I am Kloot) Bramwell and then became lead singer/songwriter with excellent Manchester Celtic/roots band “Citizen Swing”, who at the time Folk/roots Magazine called “England’s best live roots band”. They played  festivals in the U.K.  Tim then went solo and met up with many wonderful musicians including Martin Stephenson, Arty Mc Glynn (Van Morrison’s guitarist) with whom he recorded some guitar on a Sean Keane album and Michael McGoldrick who recorded pipes and flute on Tims song Face in the crowd and played at The Belfast Nahville songwriting festival with Dezi Donnelly.
He has toured in the States and played venues like CBG’S in New York and recently with with wonderful flute player Paul Daly at Johnny Ds in Boston.

He has performed in the last few years at clubs and festivals in Europe such as

-Gosport festival (England)
- Celtic Connections, Scotland
- Oslo Irish, Norway
- York live, England
- Wmbourne, England
- Perthshire Amber, England
- Bordeaux Irish Festival, France
-Roche sur Foron bluegrass festival (France)
-Tullins festival (France)
- Zamek festival in Poland.
- Boston Johnny Ds Club

- Biennale  internationale de la guitare ( http://www.festivals-ra.com/73-Savoie/036_FESTIVAL-TRAVERSE.php ).
- Marche des continents (France)  http://www.123savoie.com/article-29482-1-le-marche-continents.html
- Musicport (England)   www.musicportfestival.com 
-Concert pour Haiti (France)    http://www.chambery.fr/style/inverse/902-archives-programmation-2010.htm   
-Belfast Nashville festival with Michael McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly  (www.belfastnashville.com)  
Support of Moriarty, France, 
Support for African artist Daby Toure, Polyphonic Music Festival Corsica, 
International De la Guitare Festival en Savoie with Soig Siberil,Support of Blues Duo The Mountain Men, Zamek Celtic Festival, Poland

Tim has also done various sessions for BBC Radio and French TV and radio. In 2008 Irish singer Mary Burke recorded Tims song “a song in her heart” as the title track of her debut album on Greentrax. www.myspace.com/maryk1
He has recorded 5 albums including:

-  Raise the roof with Citezen Swing
- “Don’t look down” (released in France) with a full band and guests such as Michael Mc Goldrick (one of the finest flute/pipe players around), and British blues harmonica player Clive Mellor.
- “Salford Sessions”, a collection of acoustic songs with superb guitarist David Thom
_ Going Back, a mix of original songs and Irish music
- and “Ordinary day” which he has just completed.
Tim also runs songwriting and singing workshops in the UK and France. (See Workshops)

Musicians Tim works and has worked with:
David Thom (Gifted guitarist and multi instrumentalist)
Paul Daly  (Wonderfull flute and whistle player from Roscommon, based in Manchester


a propos de moi

Tim O'Connor (Biographie)

Tim O’Connor est un artiste indépendant qui nous fait voyager avec sa musique teintée de nombreuses influences ( les Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Christy Moore, musique traditionnelle irlandaise et musiques du monde). Le voyage commence en Irlande mais nous fait visiter tous les continents, reconstituant et fusionnant les mélanges éclectiques du monde.

Tim O’Cconnor est un auteur-compositeur-interprète et guitariste très expérimenté et charismatique. Sur scène, sa présence crée une atmosphère chaleureuse et énergique. Ses chansons sont « pleines d’émotions, de poésie, d’observation et d’humour ».

Tim a déjà joué partout dans le monde et avec les meilleurs musiciens du moment. D’origine irlandaise et élevé dans ce milieu musical, il est influencé par la musique acoustique et musique du monde, ainsi que la musique anglophone. Héritier du talent et de la force de son père (musicien pour les troupes anglaises lors de la 2ème guerre mondiale), Tim a développé un style musical qui lui est propre. C'est un mélange savant de musique moderne et traditionnelle. 

Tim a fait ses débuts en tant que auteur-compositeur-interprète à Manchester où il est devenu le chanteur du groupe celtique /roots « Citizen Swing », que le « folk/roots Magazine » qualifiait, à l’époque, de «meilleur groupe live ». Tim a crée une grande diverstés de styles musicaux, du celte, auxmusiques de l'est, en passant par le roots et americana. Tim et ses diverses groupes ont joué à de grands festivals Tim a aussi travailé avec Michael Mc Goldrick et Arty mc Glynn (guitariste de Van Morrisson). Il a aussi tourné aux Etats-Unis dans des salles telles que le CBG’s à New York. Ensuite, il a continué à jouer dans des clubs ou à des festivals tels que Celtic Connections, Belfast Nashville festival, le centre culturel de Sao Paolo au Brésil, Oslo Irish, Whitby Musicport, York live, Zamek festival en Pologne, Wimbourne, Highlands, le festival irlandais de Bordeaux, la Route de Tullins, Auberives, le festival des voix polyphoniques de Corse, etc…

Tim a fait de nombreuses interventions radiophoniques pour la BBC et en France :
France 3, Télé 8 mont Blanc, France Bleue, radio nationale écossaise, BBC Manchester, BBC d'Irlande du Nord, BBC Norfolk, Radio Friburg en Suisse, Radio Belluno en talie, etc. 
Tim organise aussi des ateliers écriture et composition un peu partout en Angleterre et est actuellement basé en France.
Il joue aussi en solo et dans d’autres formations David Thom, Paul Daly, avec entre autre, le Flutiste qui joue avec Mark Knopfler (Michael McGoldrick), 
Aujourd’hui, Tim à écrit et composé environ 250 chansons et écrit pour d'autres artistes en mélangeant rythmes et mélodies de différentes origines musicales et régionales. 

Tim a aussi organisé un concert caritatif à Chambéry pour Haiti.

Les chansons de Tim sont publiées et distribuées sous différents sites et albums. 



A Song in her Heart ~ by Mary Kathleen Burke May 23, 2011 By Diane Splon When I first listened to “A Song in her Heart,” Mary Kathleen Burke’s debut album, my thoughts were – she certainly has a lovely voice and a dynamite song list. But after hours of play, subtle nuances in both the sound and style of Mary’s interpretations emerge. Mary Kathleen Burke radiates a gentleness of character and honesty throughout this album, bringing life to each song. While threads of sadness run through some of the song lyrics, this album on the whole is an uplifting, delightful compilation of traditional, contemporary, self penned and songs written for Mary or chosen by her. The entire song list for “A Song in her Heart” is extraordinary, making it difficult to choose favorites. I really liked every one of them but for me three stand out. The albums’ title song, A Song in her Heart, written for Mary by Tim O’Connor; Catch the Wind, the first release of the legendary singer songwriter Donovan Leitch; and also Give Me Time just because Mary sings it so beautifully. All three touch the heart. Mary Kathleen Burke is a jewel; a one in a million. I recommend this album to everyone but especially to people who enjoy first-rate folk lyrics interpreted by an exceptional songstress. A Song in Her Heart: Black is the Colour – Trad. My True Love – Trad Compared to Your – F. Hepburn/A. Ince A Woman’s Heart – E. McEvoy Power & Honesty – F. Hepburn/A. Ince The Home I Left Behind – Trad James – F. Hepburn/A. Ince A Song in Her Heart – Tim O’Connor Trust – F. Hepburn Catch the Wind – Donovan Leitch Ae Fond Kiss – Trad My Scotsman & Thee – Mary K. Burke When My Morning Comes Around – Iris Dement Give Me Time – F. Hepburn/A. Ince/G. McCulloch/C. Hepburn “A Song in her Heart” is available online at: Amazon.com