Tim O'Connor has been involved in Irish/Folk music for many years, tracing his steps from the great musical melting pot of Manchester back to his roots in Ireland and then beyond.
He has played many festivals in Europe and the U.S.A and Brazil, and has played with some very fine musicians.

In Febuary 2011 Tim played with Michael McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly at the Belfast Nashville songwriting festival, and has also recorded with the Arty McGlynn and Sean Keane, and the amazing fiddler and friends  Andy Dinan, John joe and Grace Kelly, the wonderful flute player Paul Daly , Colin Farrell, Domonic Keogh,

In 2012 the great Concertina player Padraig Rynne recorded on one of Tim's Songs

In 2013 Tim played at the Polyphonic festival in Corsica organised by Davog Rynne, Association Irish Celt (Nephew of Christy Moore) and played with Anne Rynne, Tim Dennehy and Treasa Ní Cheannabháin.

Tim has also performed with great Breton Guitarist Soig Siberil

Tim has written many highly regarded songs within an Irish/folk style and has written for other artists.

  His main formation is is with Paul Daly (Flute) and David Thom (Mandolin,Guitar) see videos 

Please hear songs below videos

with Soig Siberil and Ben Lallement

Poster from Celti Cimes festival in the French alps, Great to play with everyone;