Musicians in France


Tim O'Connor has worked with many Musicians based in France including Ricky James a great singer songwriter from Cameroon, Flute player Bruno Kovalik, Harmonica player Bruno Hole, Bodhran player Rahael Burnichon, Dobro player Bertrand Denechaud,  Violinist Benjamin Lallement played a lot of Festivals and concerts in Ireland,  USA ,France, Switzerland, Corsica .

Tim supported  French band Moriarty, African artist Daby Toure and blues duo The Mountain Men as well as playing at the Schlauer Bauer Openair festival in Swwitzerland, the well respected international Polyphonic festival in Corsica in 2013  and the You Bloom festival in Dublin.

 Tim has an eclectic musical influence from Gypsy music to Rock n roll and and is an improviser and composer


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